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This extraordinary novel gives the reader the heart-to-heart testimony of one of our finest writers - a wonder of literary invention and a boisterous modern classic. His most intimate and epic work to date, Inside Story is the unseen portrait of Martin Amis'' extraordinary life, as a man and a writer. This novel had its birth in a death - that of the author''s closest friend, Christopher Hitchens. We also encounter the vibrant characters who have helped define Martin Amis, from his father Kingsley, to his hero Saul Bellow, from Philip Larkin to Iris Murdoch and Elizabeth Jane Howard, and to the person who captivated his twenties, the alluringly amoral Phoebe Phelps. What begins as a thrilling tale of romantic entanglements, family and friendship, evolves into a tender, witty exploration of the hardest questions: how to live, how to grieve, and how to die? In his search for answers, Amis surveys the great horrors of the twentieth century, and the still unfolding impact of the 9/11 attacks on the twenty-first - and what all this has taught him about how to be a writer. The result is one of Amis'' greatest achievements: a love letter to life that is at once exuberant, meditative, heartbreaking and ebullient, to be savoured and cherished for many years to come.

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Martin Amis

Écrivain et critique littéraire, Martin Amis, né en 1949, vit à Londres. Il a publié une quinzaine d'ouvrages, principalement des romans et des recueils de nouvelles parmi lesquels, aux Éditions Gallimard, L'information (Du Monde Entier, 1996 et Folio n° 3129), Train de nuit (Du Monde Entier, 1999 et Folio n° 3508), Eau lourde et autres nouvelles (Du Monde Entier, 2000), Poupées crevées (Du Monde Entier, 2001 et Folio n° 3796), Money, money (Folio n° 3723), Expérience (Du Monde Entier, 2003 et Folio n° 4162).