View from the Summit View from the Summit
View from the Summit View from the Summit

Anglais View from the Summit (édition en anglais)

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The first man to set foot on the summit of Everest, the man who led a team of tractors to the South Pole, the man who jetboated up the Ganges from the ocean to the sky has, for the first time, gathered all the remarkable adventures of a long life into one volume. But there is more to Edmund Hillary than this. He is also the man who repaid his debt of fame to the Himalayas by inaugurating a programme of building schools, clinics, airstrips and bridges in Nepal. With his still active support, these have gone from strength to strength in the 50 years since he himself mastered the Hillary Step and led his companion Tenzing Norgay up Everest's final summit ridge. View from the Summit is a thoughtful and honest reappraisal of a life spent pushing human ability to its limits and relishing the challenges thrown down by the elements. It is also the story of a man whom the world has taken to its heart.

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Edmund Hillary

Sir Edmund Hillary est né en Nouvelle-Zélande en 1919. Il s'est engagé dans l'aviation pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Il a été anobli par la reine d'Angleterre à la suite de son ascension de l'Everest en 1953. Il a réalisé bien d'autres premières avant de fonder Himalayan Trust, une organisation caritative ?uvrant pour l'amélioration des conditions de vie des populations de l'Himalaya et de leur environnement. Sir Edmund Hillary est mort le 11 janvier 2008 à Auckland.