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From the bestselling author of Generation X and Microserfs, comes the absurd and tender story of a hardliving movie producer and a former child beauty pageant contender who only find each other by losing themselves.Waking up in an L.A. hospital, John Johnson is amazed that it was the flu and not an overdose of five different drugs mixed with cognac that nearly killed him. As a producer of highadrenaline action flicks, he's led a decadent and dangerous life, purchasing his way through every conceivable variant of sex. But each variation seems to take him one notch away from a capacity for love, and while moviemaking was once a way for him to create worlds of sensation, it now bores him. After his neardeath experience, John decides to walk away from his life.Susan Colgate is an unbankable former tv star and child beauty pageant contender. Forced to marry a heavy metal singer in need of a Green Card after her parents squander her sitcom earnings, she becomes the alpha road rat. But when the band's popularity dwindles, the marriage dissolves. Flying back to Los Angeles in Economy, Susan's plane crashesyes'>#160;yes'>#160; and only she survives. As she walks away from the disaster virtually unscathed, Susan, too, decides to disappear.John and Susan are two souls searching for love across the bizarre, celebrityobsessed landscape of LA, and are driven, almost fatefully, toward each other. Hilarious, fastpaced and ultimately heartwrenching, iss Wyoming is about people who, after throwing off their selfmade identities, begin the fearful search for a love that exposes all vulnerabilities.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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Douglas Coupland

  • Pays : Canada
  • Langue : Anglais (canada)

Né en 1961, Douglas Coupland a grandi et vit à
Vancouver sur la côte Ouest du Canada. Écrivain,
plasticien et designer mondialement reconnu, il est l'auteur
du roman aujourd'hui culte Génération X.
Ses romans Toutes les familles sont psychotiques, Girlfriend dans le
coma, Hey, Nostradamus !, Eleanor Rigby, jPod, Joueur_1,
Génération A et La Pire. Personne. Au monde sont parus au
Diable vauvert.